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General Finishes Enduro Pre-Cat Urethane

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I am having trouble locating information about using this product on new wood. I plan to spray using a Rockler HVLP system like this.

I am looking for help in selecting tip size, what the film should look like right after spraying, etc.

Thanks for any help given.
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I like the micro mesh for buffing out the finish. I watched your Woodcraft video, Charles, it helped. I had trouble the first few times. I called MicroMesh & they said I was useing a orbital sander that was too fast. They said I needed to be down around 2500 rpm. I got a Harbor Frieght polisher for $17 and it did help. i still get a shadow in the finish, sort of a cloud, instead of clear. i even waited 2 weeks after the last coat on 1 table top. The Micro Mesh sure does give a baby's behind smooth finish. Now to get the last of that cloud out of the final buff. A guy at Woodcraft said I was getting mosture under the finish and to try a water based finish. I'm hoping he is right. I have a table curing now.
Thanks Charles. I have seen that bowling ball supplier stuff before. I almost bought some but then I watched your video on micro mesh & got that instead. I was using solvent based products but I will be using a water based poly from now on. easier clean up, less smell and from all accounts a better finish. I was wondering about what the guy at Woodcraft said. It didn't seem right. It was a very clear finish before I used the micro mesh. I thought about using auto polishing stuff because it works so well on acrylics I turn but figured I better leave well enough alone. Thanks again Charles.
1 - 2 of 60 Posts
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