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General Finishes Enduro Pre-Cat Urethane

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I am having trouble locating information about using this product on new wood. I plan to spray using a Rockler HVLP system like this.

I am looking for help in selecting tip size, what the film should look like right after spraying, etc.

Thanks for any help given.
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WOW !!!!! I feel like I (we) hit the lottery, when I bought my sprayer from Rockler I searched all over the internet for information on spraying, thinning and what to use where. I bought the Rockler unit a couple of years ago and mostly use it to spray Lacquer and it seems to work great. Like Charles said you just have to practice and get use to how much your laying down. Thank you Charles for all the information you are sharing on this post, it is invaluable. I will admit I will have to read this over and over to pack all this into my head.

Question: What is the best way to spray paint and the best equipment to spray paint? I used my Rockler to spray Oil Base paint and only one out of three pieces had a smooth finish the rest had the orange peel. Was it not thinned enough? I thinned with about a shot glass of paint thinner.
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Thanks for the advice Charles again it is just a matter of experimenting with your equipment and different products, but it helps alot to have someone with your experience to put us in the ballpark of where to start. Thanks again for being so willing to help.
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