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General Finishes Enduro Pre-Cat Urethane

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I am having trouble locating information about using this product on new wood. I plan to spray using a Rockler HVLP system like this.

I am looking for help in selecting tip size, what the film should look like right after spraying, etc.

Thanks for any help given.
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To the OP, I love the Enduro / General Finishes products and I have been spraying a lot of the pre cat lately.

Charles, I know you are a fan of the Woodriver gun and I bought one a few days ago and was pretty impressed at the quality for the price. One concern though was the limited parts - On my other guns, the needle nozzle sets are available every .2 ( so I can buy 1.5, 1,7, 1,9 etc) yet the woodriver only offers 1.4 and 2.0 - which in my mind is an awfully big spread. Also, the gasket on the aircap - is there any way to buy that separately so that it can be replaced years down the road. Finally, I looked at the mini gun, but was wasn't too impressed on the machining of the aircap ) there were no holes other that the fan - have you used the mini gun to spray water based?
Charles, thanks for the quick reply. Woodcraft just put this gun on sale and I will probably buy another just to keep on hand for spare parts, etc. I was surprised that the WR did as well as it did with a 1.4, on my other guns ( $85 -to $300+)I can't spray waterbased with anything smaller than 1.7. Thanks for recommending the gun.
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