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Garden swing

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The plan

The first thing in creating is imagining. The best way for me to develeop my design floating in my head is to create a 3D model of it on the computer, so I made one in Google SketchUp, which can be viewed and downloaded also.

Here is a perspective view of it:

Rectangle Gas Parallel Metal Drawing

Those triangle shaped things between the top and the seat are the boundaries of the chains the seat will be hanging on.

The large grid-looking thing represents the rope net for the kids to climb on.

The detailed plan for the seat is under develeopment, so I just put a dummy in its place for now.


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The stand is finished

The view is almost fine. The metal screws are more decorative, than i thought.

Plant Tree Grass Shade Leisure

The only problem with the sight right now is the rusty iron swing temporarily put in it for the time while I'm working on the wooden one.

The climbing rope net is also missing but I'm on the search for one.

Plant Sky Tree Wood Swing

The legs were 1 cm thinner than the inner width of the metal footpiece, so I had to put an extra piece of wood there to make it fit tight and prevent any movement. Of course, that wooden piece will be painted as well.

Plant Wood Trunk Grass Groundcover

This metal "shoe" is intended to be put in concrete, so I had to dig a hole for a piece of rock to support the weight.


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