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G0690hits insert when tilted 45 degrees.

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I have a new G0690, the blade and fence to miter slot alignment is good. when I made my first 45 degree cut the blade would just barley nick the throat plate. I installed a zero clearance insert to be able to make the cuts but want to know if I missed something in the setup?
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No, you haven't missed anything. Even if the tilt mechanism on a saw is perfect, the cross section of the blade where it goes through the top is wider when the blade is at 45 than when it is straight up (by a factor of approximately 1.4 if you care about the math). So if your ZCI was cut for 0, the blade will definitely nick the insert when at 45.
It's zero clearance at 90*. Negative clearance after that.
Sorry, I didn't make myself very clear (I am new to this) It was hitting the metal stock insert that came with the saw. I made a zero clearance 45 degree insert so I could make the cuts. ( I re-read my original post and it was worded wrong.)
Yea that's not right.

Did you move your top?

I'll bet when you setup your top, you worried about whether it was parallel to the miter, but did you make sure the blade was where it needed to be? You probably need to re-zero your table top, and move it to the left a 1/16 to avoid the throat plate. The other thing is you can just not use the stock plate, and make another plate for tilting, that has that clearance. That's what I would do. I don't like the metal plates, a nick is not good, as it will destroy the carbide.
No, I didn't have to move the top, it was pretty much dead on to the miter slot from the box. I plan on all zero clearance inserts eventually. Just waned to make sure I didn't miss something in set up. Luckily I caught it before it damaged my blade. Thanks for your inputs.
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