Grizzly - G0555LANV 14" Deluxe Bandsaw - Anniversary Edition (Rating: 5)

Today I received my Grizzly G0555LANV 14" Deluxe Bandsaw - Anniversary Edition, it is my first "real Bandsaw" so I don't have much to compare it to, this is my first tool review and i am writing this approx an hour after assembling the machine with very little use. That being said you can easily tell when a tool is quality by the appearance, the materials its made of and how it fits together. This bandsaw nailed all three of those, as soon as i opened the box it was packaged very tightly in styrofoam and all parts were painted perfectly without a fingerprint on them. The base assembled easily and fit together tightly. I opted to also purchase a general universal mobile base which i was able to align the mounting holes on the base with the bottom of the saw stand. My |shop is a very small single car garage so everything has to be mobile! Lifting the actual bandsaw out of the box is definitely a two person job and this is where my only complaint came. All of the mounting hardware to attach the saw to the base is packaged underneath the very heavy saw, not really a huge deal though. The Saw bolted to the base easily and even came with the appropriate wrench. The saw came with a 3/8" blade but after reading other reviews it seemed worth getting a different blade so i bought a Viking 1/4" blade. As i said earlier a don't have any real bandsaw experience and i put the blade on and got it tensioned then i realized the rake of the teeth were all facing up. I sat their perplexed for probably half an hour comparing the two blades and sure enough the teeth were going in the wrong direction on the viking blade. After about an hour i realized the blade was turned "inside out" if that makes sense. Basically the blade unfolded the wrong direction so i all i did was turn it inside out, cutting myself on the very sharp blade, and voila, teeth cutting down! The table mounted easily and did require some cleaning to get the rust preventative coating off of the cast iron. Some "goo gone" made fairly easy work of that. The blade tracking is very easily set and i was surprised how little of a turn you have to give the knob to adjust it. The fence rails mounted with cap screws on the back and bolts on the front that have some play to get the front and back level before tightening. The fence itself has a magnifying gauge that shows the adhesive measuring tape that is attached to the rail. The guides are all ball bearing and are adjusted with an allen wrench. The instructions showed a thumb screw in two locations on the adjustments but my saw had cap screws. I have not messed too much with the blade tension as of yet just roughly set it for the 1/4" blade and the quick release tension lever is solid and a nice feature. The large on off switch also has a padlock and two keys so you can lock the machine out for safety reasons. The back of the saw has a 4" dust port, unfortunately i am going to have to get an adapter as i am still using a shop vac, dust collector will be the next big purchase. Another thing i was surprised to see was that there were no tire brushes. I actually thought that i was missing a part as i thought these were standard, after looking online i saw that they didn't have them but found a guy who made his own out of tooth brushes, an L bracket and a rare earth magnet, looked very easy and cheap to make. With everything assembled and tuned up it was time to plug it in and try it out. I quickly found a scrap and turned it on. I was amazed at how quiet the machine is and it felt solid to use even on the mobile base. I was able to cut tight curves in 3/4" stock like a hot knife through butter. It was definitely a pleasure to cut with never having the opportunity to use anything other then my old bench top model that was broken and would lock the blade up on 1/2" stock cutting straight. At around $550 shipped to my door plus another $50 for the mobile base i believe this is well worth the bang for the buck. Don't get me wrong i would love a larger saw with bigger re saw capacity but this will do 6" out of the box and 12" with the additional riser kit (which is on my wish list), but as a hobbyist it is hard to justify the cost when this does everything i need it to and it does it well. Let me be clear i have absolutely no affiliation with grizzly, I just believe this is an excellent saw for the price and i always read reviews before i purchase but i never write them so i figured it was time to. I would recommend this saw to anyone looking to get high end quality for a very fair price.