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Furniture Schools in my area

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Hello everyone,

I have been doing a lot of research on various furniture craftsmanship schools in my area (Philadelphia). I almost wish that I did not live in an area that had a few of them so it wasn't so hard to choose from.

I have always liked working with wood and anything I have done before has been watching videos and reading. I am a big fan of the Wood Whisper and very thankful for guys like him that have helped. However, I consider myself a complete beginner as I never had any formalized training (Other than passed down from dad and wood shop in HS).

I am looking for the best woodworking education that I can get in my area for the money. I see that some schools offer a variety of specific classes and then others offer multiple and weekly classes that start from the ground up.

The schools I have looked at are:

I have seen JD Lohr reviewed on here some time ago. This would be the furthest away from me and the classes are very limited. I am looking at 5 months away for a start time

Thank you all very much for any reviews and advice that you can provide for me. It is greatly appreciated as I start my journey into serious furniture craftsmanship.
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I don't have anything to offer to the topic but I also live in the Philadelphia area and would like to see what you hear back.
I looked into some of them that were highly rated but the cost, for me, is prohibitive.
They are pricey, I agree. That is why I wanted to see if I could get some reviews so I get the most for my money. And also from a reputable instructor.

There are many different courses at some of the schools and some look the same. For instance, you can take a hand tool course at one that is $775 and requires the sharpening $170 prerequisite while you can take a complete hand tool course at another that includes sharpening for $170.

Too many choices….haha!
look at paul sellers you tube video master classes.
see what your local voc-techs have to offer,many are low cost.then you can learn the basics (think high school)before you take the spendy classes,you'll get more out of them because you can learn about what they're teaching and not spend it learning how to use the tools. (think college).
Now that DWD mentions it, I met a fellow who took several WW classes at a local vo-tech school in northern Alabama.
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