Full Spectrum Laser - H-Series Laser (Rating: 5)

Today I am reviewing the FS Laser H-series 5th generation 45 watt laser. This was originally purchased to make my wedding invitations and I figured I would be able to make a lot of other things with it. In the hobby market, there are a few lasers that are available, however, price quickly becomes a factor. I really only looked at an Epilog laser and the Full spectrum 5th generation laser. Obviously, in the end, I went with the FS laser based almost solely on price. The lasers to me were relatively similar and after 18 months of use, I haven't looked back. With the laser I purchased a few of the accessories from FS laser and a few from other places. I purchased a shorter focus lens in order to do smaller fonts and the air pump in order to clear the work piece of fumes and debris. I purchased a 100 cu. ft. HVAC blower/booster in order to exhaust the fumes outside from amazon and wired it myself.

I have been impressed with the build quality of the laser, it has handled 2-3 hours of almost constant running without any issues with the device. The longest job I have ran is 30 minutes, no issues with any heat buildup or similar. There is a improvement out there that some people do and add a fan to the power supply to avoid overheating. I have had some cases that there was an arc from the laser tube to the cabinet. Customer support was very helpful and advised me of the issue and how to fix it. This was very easy and I believe within the scope of a woodworker.

The laser is very versatile in its function. I have used it to engrave leather, wood, acrylic and even ceramic tiles. The next test is anodized aluminum and maybe stainless steel with Cermark. As the material changes so should the settings, having scrap pieces to dial in the final settings is important, though once the settings are correct, the image/text looks wonderful. It's even possible to engrave pens without the rotary attachment,. if desired.

The last piece that needs a review is the software that comes with the laser. It is extremely good software for printing straight to the device. If you can print it the laser can burn it with this software. It is very easy to use and makes complex tasks very easy. However, more technical engraving/cutting is a little harder to do but with some fine tuning is possible. I am still learning the software and its capabilities/limitations, however, it has been a pleasure to use. I would recommend this to anyone as a hobby level laser that is looking to take a step up with their projects.