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fuji mini mite4

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I`m looking at getting the fuji mini mite 4, how is this system spraying latex paints and lacquer,
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Welcome to LumberJocks!

You ask a Loaded open ended question….

Short answer, yes can spray latex and lacquer.
Lacquer is easy to spray, anything can spray lacquer.

BUT you have a lot to learn about latex as every brand of paint behaves differently.
If you refine your question to exactly which brand/type of latex, you will get better answer(s).

IMHO - Spraying latex using anything but an airless sprayer is royal PITA.

The turbine airflow dries out paint faster, which requires monkeying around with viscosity adjustments or using additives to improve flow out. Each paint requires different settings and adjustments. These magic chemistry modifications based on local weather, coupled with spray gun setup can be frustrating till you gain lots of experience.
With an airless sprayer, you stick the pump in the bucket, screw on proper tip size and spray.

All that said: Clean up on airless system is PITA for small jobs (less than 5 gallon), so I understand why folks want to force a turbine or HVLP sprayer to spray latex. But there are better finish choices, if your primary spray equipment is turbine unit like the Fuji.
For furniture projects suggest you skip the crap latex and use what commercial shop uses; pigmented lacquer, pigmented polyurethane, or pigmented varnish. A turbine sprayer is one of the paint mfg recommended sprayers for WB pigmented top coats on cabinets and furniture.

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I'm going to slightly disagree w/ Capt. and tell you ……….

No, a mini mite4 is not going to be the tool for you if you want to spray latex paint you get down at the depot or even the paint store. Given enough testing, material - both paint and projects , practice and selection of additional large bore needles and nozzles and maybe thinning , you will prob. be able to spray latex to acceptable results with that rig. It will be a frustrating journey though.

Just embrace other finishes and you'll likely be much happier. You could also get a more powerful 5 or 6 stage turbine that will help the process , but the short of it is - forget latex and hvlp.
Why spray latex? Brush or roll it. For cab/furniture there are far better finishes as klutz mentioned.
xedos We don't disagree. Was trying to be nice. :)
Spraying big box store latex with a turbine sprayer is possible, but it will be a frustrating experience.
Should have been more clear: It is not something I would recommend.

I have a Fuji 4 stage, mine is called the "Gold" model. I also have the largest needle set for the spray gun…a 2.2mm for mine. It still won't spray latex (as in wall paint). The advice above is golden. If you really want to spray latex (which is only good for walls) get an airless sprayer, but don't expect it to spray lacquer and such… least not acceptably. That said, the Fuji systems are really good, I highly recommend them.
Capt. - thought so , but I felt you left door open too much for someone looking to convince themself that hvlp and or latex are a viable option.
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