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FS/FT: Cast Iron Green Hand Crank Grinder

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$36 shipped or trade for spokeshaves, rip saw, or Stanley No 5 jack plane.
Let me know quick if interested because I plan on throwing this up on ebay.

Antique cast iron hand crank grinder. No maker's mark. I cleaned and lubricated the grinder and it spins easily. Wood handle is intact. Tool rest is included. The grinding wheel has plenty of life, could use dressing, exact grit is unknown but I'd guess 60 grit.
  • 3/8 arbor.
  • 11:1 Worm gear drive.
  • Accepts up to a 6" grinding wheel.
  • The metal cap on top slides off so that you can add a little oil for lubrication.

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I'll take it! I'll take it! lemme know how to pay!

Shipping to 77856
Dallas, I sent you a message with info. As soon as I get payment I'll send this out via priority mail and give you a tracking number. Thanks!
It's sent, Thanks!
USPS tracking #: 9405509699939330630130

I drained the oil and stuffed a paper towel under the cap to hopefully catch any remaining seepage. Make sure you remove the paper towel or it'll get shredded in the gears. It only takes a tiny bit of oil, a drizzle, the extra will sit in the bottom and get picked up by the gears. I put too much oil in the first time and it made a mess. I also removed the handle and wrapped it in bubble wrap, the nut for it is on the grinder. The handle has right hand threads, the nut has left hand threads.
Thanks Rick, I had one of these many years ago and it not only had nuts, it grew legs and wandered off one still night.

I had a beautiful 800 grit Nicholson stone on it and used it to sharpen scissors, knives, chisels, and anything else that needed it.

I just could never get the hang of using a power grinder and keep from burning the edge.

This tool will be greatly appreciated.

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