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I have a RTS Engineering Self Centering Guide stop that is new that has been nerve used. Here’s a video on how it works and benefits for use and cabinet frame construction.

Here is the info about it from the manufacturer.

The Self Centering Guide Stop provides stop positions that can be easily changed without tools or measuring. Simply loosen the two thumbscrews, slide the stops to the new position, and re-tighten the thumbscrews. A steel coupling cable keeps the two stops always centered around the Domino mortise location.

Like the MGS guide, the stops on the SCG-10 guide are infinitely adjustable from 3/4" apart (3/8" from center) up to 5-1/4" apart (2-5/8" from center). The stops are movable using a sliding dovetail arrangement. This allows the stops to slide freely while remaining captive to the guide, and when clamped in position, are rigidly drawn tight to the guide and firmly locked.

The dovetail saddles (clamps), dovetail bases, and Stop Arms are precision CNC machined from aviation grade billet aluminum, with a hard anodize finish for protection, appearance, and durability. The coupling cable is steel wirerope for strength, and a plastic outer coating for durability. The detent positions for the stop arm's up and down positions are controlled with micro ball plungers with stainless steel balls to last a lifetime.

Sale Price $100
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