Craftsman Professional - 22124 (Rating: 4)

Hey Jocks and Jockettes,

Disclaimer: I gave this product a 2- star rating just based on the problems detailed below.

After much drama, hand-wringing, and pure obsession, the 22124 Zip CodeTS is almost complete except for the outfeed table. It was purchased off of CL. The saw was still on the pallet with the steel cage on it. The seller brought two of them in a semi lot of stuff. He sells the stuff at a little store in a small town in southern IL. Very nice man. He wanted $600, no fence, supposed to have the BC-30. We haggled a bit and came to a mutual settlement. Seems like there were a few saws out there that had the same situation. My brother Jim came to my rescue today, 11/29, and helped heaps with the assembly. He is a machinist at the local ADM plant and the guy has a gift when it comes to mechanical stuff. I could not have been able to do the assembly by myself. Way too many issues. He calmly figured out what we had to do to gitrdone.

I couldn't get the blade to line up to the miter slot. The outfeed of the blade was cantered out about a 1/16th or more. Of course all you have to do is loosen the four bolts that hold the table on and line it up. Not! The bolts were bolt bound so we had to wallow out the holes in the cabinet. They had a couple of washers under the table for spacers. Put those back in. We finally got it lined up and then the table sat to low, right down on the arbor, plus couldn't get the blade to 45 without hitting the throat plate.

Wallowed some more on the holes and added another washer/ spacer to each hole and finally got things to line up. Within a .001th infeed to outfeed, used a Woodpecker Saw Guide for that. I was not very happy about buying that thing but I have changed my mind on that. Even if I use it one time it was sure nice to have it for peace of mind to see how close you really are. Thankful for those cabinet mounted trunnions now! Maybe mine was a reject that they caught somewhere down the road and it has been in purgatory until I dug it out. I have seen old posts about the same problem.

Used a the SawStop Premium Fence. It came with the extension table and everything needed. It was recommended by Mike at the CU Woodworking in Champaign, IL. I really was hedging on the fence purchase. Brother helped with that to. I wasn't going to let him leave until he did,by force if necessary, lol. Well anyway, drilled a couple holes and it is on there and I think it is going to work out fine. Mike's recommendation was spot on. Set the fence with the Woodpecker, about .001 infeed to outfeed. Not too bad I hope. Hopefully all settings are going to stay put.

I am going to be lying low for a while before I start any new adventures. So I'll update on the performance of the machine later. My wife has been a saint throughout all this craziness! It has been a rollercoaster ride and a half. Assembling one of these machine is pretty darn challenging.

I need to give a couple shout outs. Knotscott, thanks for sharing all your knowledge. There can not be anyone out there who knows more about every table saw made. PurpleLev , thanks for all your common sense advice, very timely and helpful. To my brother Jim thanks for bailing me out! One has to remember that family is always there.

Thanks For Looking,


UPDATE: After making some test cuts with the TS, I am very pleased with the performance. This thing is a beast compared to my Bosch, so I'll have to get used to that. It rips about anything I can throw at it. The miter gauge seems to be plenty accurate enough. A nicer one would be sweet. First thing I'll have to do is think about getting a BORK for it. I love all the room in front of the blade and the huge work surface is great. It is also a rock… nice and heavy. The Sawstop fence is a joy to use. I am upgrading from 2 stars to 4 stars. I can't give it 5 stars because of all the alignment issues. Everything seems to be set as near to prefect as I can get it. Will see how everything goes while we are working on a project.