DeWalt - DW735X Heavy Duty 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer (Rating: 5)

When you go from the planer like in the third picture to a newer model, there is going to be an obvious world of difference.
After fifteen years of using my H&W planer which is to say been very good to me even with some of the finagaling i had to do some days to get her to run right. I decided finally it was time to purchase a new Planer, so for six months of researching all the different planers I finally opted for this Dewalt, Now i have only used it a few times to more or less test it out, I didn't have any rough lumber to pass through, but for taking a board down from 3/4 to 1/2 it did an great job in that respect. I have only had it for about two weeks, so this review may be a little premature, but I am going to give it a review based on some of the key features that I do like about and which prompted me to finally purchase this unit over all the other planers I looked at.

#1- It isn't as loud as I was expecting, if i had to compare the noise level I would equate it to a push mower, obviously using it indoors you can expect the noise level to be louder. but overall it isn't unbearable if you have to run a few board s through and you don't have ear muffs.

#2 One tool for everything. From removing the cover to get to the blades to actually removing the blades. it's one tool for it all. As an added bonus the tool fits right on top of the machine.

#3 The ease to getting to the blades couldn't get any simpler, loosen the three red nuts rotate the shroud up and pull out to the left, and the blades are right there for you to change.

#4 the model I purchased came with the table extensions which I think is a great addition for the planer.

#5 I really like the two speed selection on this.

#6 Chip ejection . holy crap is the chip blower on this powerful, better grab a hose to put on this and feed it directly into a trash barrel, you don't need a dust collector for this unit.

#7 13 " planing width. hey when you go from 7 1/4" to almost double that well it is mind blown. so for me this is a woohoo moment.
During my test pieces I didn't notice any snipe,

Okay now for some thing i don't really care about, I wouldn't call it a con, but it is feature I could live with out, the stop selector, it has a positive stop from 1 1/4" to 1/8", I am not saying this is not a good feature but my self I don't really see myself using this to often.

The price was a little hefty in comparison to other models I looked at, however I think it was well worth the money spent.

This won't help you if you have badly cupped, twisted, warped boards, That's not what it is designed for. but for removing the thickness and cleaning up boards I can't see how you could go wrong with this planer.