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Frog Adjustment Screw

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Hello all, I am continuing to look at vintage Stanley planes and would like to know if the frog adjustment screw, found on the bailey style planes starting around 1910, really makes that much of a difference in adjusting the frog. I can see how it would make adjustment easier, but does it affect the functioning of the plane significantly? I'm looking to buy a #5 to use on rough stock, so absolute precision won't be necessary. Thanks.
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I prefer it and try to avoid planes earler than 1910 so that I can have one. Think of it as a micro-adjustmet knob for your plane. The bedrock version is even better.
Thanks Wayne. Another question I just thought of…does anyone live in Southeast Michigan, or the general area and know of a good place to buy planes? Online is good, but I'd like to find somewhere I can actually go to.
I would look in antique stores and at flea markets… It has been a while since I have been in Michigan, but I do remember seeing quite a few.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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