. - Frieden Hardwoods, Pomona KS (45 min from Kansas City) (Rating: 5)

Frieden hardwoods is a great source for furniture grade kiln dried lumber near Kansas City.


(785) 418-5746

I called down and visited today. About 45 minutes south of the city off I-35, the store is located in a small building on a farm. The owner(s) farm and basically seem willing to sell lumber most any time if you call ahead and are respectful of the fact that this is a part-time operation. This isn't a lumberyard with regular hours and a steady stream of customers in and out, but the quality, selection and prices beat any local dealers hands-down.

I picked up about 100 board feet of a mix of cherry, walnut and mulberry for $340 (tax included). In the city that'd run $700+. The lumber is dry (though I didn't take a moisture meter) and planed on both faces. Mark was happy to show me his inventory which was well organized and let me pick my boards while he figued how many board feet of each variety I had chosen. He helped me load and even threw in a few shorter boards for good measure.

I didn't see a credit card machine in his shed but perhaps it was hiding somewhere. I paid cash and couldn't tell you whether he takes checks or not since I didn't ask.

All in all, HIGHLY recommended, 5-Stars and so on. I'll be back and any LJ's in Kansas City that haven't been to see Frieden Hardwoods should go pay a visit.