Freud - LM75R010 10" Thin Kerf Glue Line Rip Blade (Rating: 5)

I've been using this blade since last December. Please note: It's badly in need of sharpening now but my review will reflect the blade as it was when new, since that seems only fair).

This blade does indeed perform as advertised. I put it on a 1 3/4 HP table saw. It's worked very well. It does leave a pretty much flawless finish on the ripped wood.

It's cutting performance is excellent, but it does bog down on some harder woods like oak and hard maple. On a couple of occasions it burned the wood if I tried to cut too fast. This is to be expected on a saw with only 1.75 HP. It's speed of cutting and the finish it leaves is much, much better than any of the full kerf blades I've put in the saw.

Someone wisely suggested getting a 24 tooth (thin kerf) rip blade for times when more heavy duty ripping is needed. I have had to change to that blade on a few occasions. But for the most part this blade is my preferred blade. It also crosscuts decently, much better than I would have anticipated for a 30 tooth blade.

I'm going to try and get this blade sharpened to bring back the performance. Even if I can't I'm definitely going to buy another one of these blades. It was about $60 at Woodcrafters in Portland. Considering it's performance and longevity I consider this quite a fair price.

I'll throw out a review for the 24 tooth rip blade shortly. The pair go together nicely.