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Freud sd208 question

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I just got the sd208 at lowes at 15%off after looking at the differnt reviews I made a good choice. The only question is thare a difference between the chrome finish and the black finish I got the chrome finish.
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One is shinny and the other isn't. Sorry I couldn't resist. I would guess the Chrome one has less drag.
15% off of what?
15% off of 208 Dave… lol (sorry, couldn't resist)

Bryon, I think Freud tries out different coats on their products as they evolve to reduce friction. I believe the black finish is their current production whereas the chrome is the previous batch.

Freud website only shows the black finish.

is there any marking on the package that refers to the coating on the blades?

I would suggest emailing freud and ask them if you're really troubled by it.. they have a very responsive and good customer service.
The Chrome is Freud's "Silver I.C.E. " coating. Kinda like teflon on steroids…
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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