Freud - P410 10" full kerf (Rating: 5)

I received this from my wife for Christmas. (Good wife huh?)
It was ordered from and came via OnTrac in great condition.
So far I am very pleased with the performance.
I have crosscut and ripped several feet of Maple & Birch and I have no complaints.
Very minimal burning when ripping. (It's time to check my fence alignment too)
Cross cuts in my sled were very clean.
This is the best quality blade I have ever used. I should have bought one sooner.
I replaced an older Freud Combo blade that I have had resharpened a few times with the P410.
I do find this blade just a little bit louder than my old Freud but not enough to be bothersome.
I didn't realize it at the time but I received a few tiny cuts while installing it in the saw.
I'm generally very careful when changing over blades so this surprised me a little.

If I have any problems with it in the future I will report back.

Happy New Year to you all!