Freud - LU85R010 10" 80 tooth Ultimate Cutoff Saw Blade (Rating: 5)

I purchased this blade to replace the OEM blade on my G0690 table saw. As i was cutting the kerf in my crosscut sled, I noticed that the OEM blade was wobbling very slightly. I decided it was about time to replace that blade with two dedicated blades, one for rip cuts, the other for cross cuts.
This was the blade I purchased for cross cuts. My first use for this blade was to trim the edges on my end-grain cutting board to square it up and remove the rough edges after flattening. I used the blade with my new cross cut sled to provide a perfectly square reference to the blade and zero clearance capability. The blade cut through the 1.25 in thick cutting board like there was nothing there. It even took a very neat 0.01 in thick (yes I measured it, and I'm aware I'm a dork) piece about 11 in long off one side of the cutting board (see picture above). I was very impressed by that! I needed a new book mark anyway. :) I'm very happy with this blade so far, and I expect it will continue to perform this well. I look forward to making more sawdust with it.