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Freud Dial-a-Width Dado box insert

Boys and Girls,

I have just reviewed my Freud 8" Dial-a-Width Dado set after getting totally cheesed of with the supplied plastic insert(s)
Jewel case Blank media Gas Gramophone record Data storage device

Hood Bumper Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

and replacing it with laminated MDF layered spacers. This blog explains what transgressed from my frustration.

The plastic form included, was made up of 1mm thin brittle plastic
Gas Wood Engineering Kitchen appliance Table

designed to permit separation and stacking of the dado set so as not to compromise the integrity of the TCT teeth. The cheap plastic managed to disintegrate within a few weeks of use and I was aggravated by the chomping of the TCT blades' teeth.

Shuffled off to SketchUp and based on the profile of the chipper blades,
Plant Triangle Art Rectangle Automotive lighting

and plastic form I came up with this design,
Rectangle Font Technology Auto part Drawing

and a peek-a-boo.
Rectangle Font Wood Parallel Circle

Note the provision for that goose neck spanner.

As the blades were 1/8" thick I made the separators out of 3mm MDF with 16mm dia. "spindle" retainers/spacers with an overall 150mm blade separators,
[ ]
Sleeve Wood Cloud Electric blue Font

The parts were ready for glue up straight off the laser,
Wood Engineering Gas Art Machine

Table Gas Engineering Wood Desk

The insert finished,
Gas Engineering Composite material Wood Circle

Wood Machine tool Gas Engineering Audio equipment

Gas Electronic device Machine Audio equipment Table

Ready to be used with the Woodpecker Dado setup jig (more on this later).
Wood Table Gas Shipping box Font

And for all those people with a left and a right hand , here is a video of how it works to juggle in your third.
I'm just continually amazed at your creative know how with the lazer cutter Ducky


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