Freud - Premier Adjustable rail and Stile Bit Set (Rating: 4)

Nice set of bits.
I paid $120, about $20 more then the non-adjustable set.

-Quality cut. Very nice, clean, single pass cut. Better then my Grizzly (purple set).
-Versatile. I will leave the details to Freud

-Directions. I had to go online (not to Freud, but to Woodcraft) to find instructions. Even then the instructions are not as detailed as I would have liked. I wish they would show you how many shims to use to achieve a certain width groove. Not just "and shims as needed".
-Tongue depth. As you can see from the pictures, the tongue is not as deep as the groove. This could be user error but I have not had this issue with other sets.

With that said I am still very happy with this bit set. Can't ask for a better cut. My Triton 2 1/4 router set at a medium speed pushed these bits with ease. They also handled changes in grain direction without any major tear-out.

I would recommend this set to anyone wanting to do stick and cope joinery. Even if you don't plan to use any of the extra features, I still believe it would be worth the extra $20 to have the extra options.

I only wish this set would work with wood up 1 3/8" think, instead of 1 1/4"