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Free tonnes of furniture grade wood, Seaford, Melbourne Australia

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In exchange for some labour to help move some timber, you can virtually help yourself to heaps of great wood, hundreds of turned legs etc etc etc. Call John Burdett on 0407 812 452. There are tonnes of timber here. *Please spread the word. I am away on holidays and boy am I peeved at missing this opportunity. Landlord requires it be moved asap. John ordered 6 pallet fulls and the company delivered 60. He already had a shed full as he has been a furniture maker all his life but too old to keep it up.
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Dang. It's a bit too far away for me. I was in Australia in 2006, and I was amazed at the beautiful gum that was used everywhere, indoors and out. Would love to have brought some home, but my luggage allowance on Qantas wasn't sufficient.
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