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Free G&G project templates

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Free templates
local Seattle pick up only - must take all

Aurora Sideboard ( no loner shown on my website)
G&G style sideboard
Gamble Dining Table
Aurora Media Cabinet
Gamble Bed (king and Queen)
(most of the above can be seen at my website or my projects here at LJ)
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The way of woodworking appears to be cnc? I'm pretty sure your machine is top end. I can remember way back when craftsman offered these. They had serious problems back then. Good luck with your new toy! :<)

Before I say yes, it anything I can use when I teach Vets how to use handtools?

If yes please send me a PM and how much you want, I personally love Greene & Greene

DocSavage - While my CNC machine is not industrial grade (that would be way out of my price range) - it was custom made by Carl Bruce ( local to Seattle area) and is a big step up from the low end machines.

Arlin - most of the jigs involve using hand held routers.
It's too bad I live so far away or I'd certainly be tempted to try to work put some type of swap. However, and now that you have your own CNC, have you thought about selling any of your templates? I'd be particulary interested in the templates for "Darrell's Tsuba."
I will be selling templates I make from my CNC machine in the not too distant future - stay tuned!
I would love these and I'm in Seattle, but I'm pretty sure I don't have anything you would want as a trade. Good luck though. I really enjoy seeing your work.
jmartel - I also have a weakness for vintage audio gear ( Marantz - Acoustic Research) or ?
I am really looking forward to you producing G&G templates and would use them to make some of my projects go faster and repeatable. I am building the Gamble House bedroom and could have used them for the bed, which I am almost finished. The nightstands are finished and came out pretty good. Next will be the Chiffonier.

Darrell, thanks for your books and sharing you talent with the rest of the G&G fans.
Hi Gregg,
Good luck on the GH bedroom furniture. The Chiffonier will be a challenging project.
BTW - A new book on the GH should be out before the end of the year. I have been told the photography is pretty spectacular!
I was wondering when someone would do this. I am looking forward to see what you come up with Darrell.
Darrell, if this did change to free instead of trade for stuff I don't have, I'll definitely pick them up from you.
jmartel - I have one guy in front of you. I am leaving Sunday morning to teach at Marc Adams for a week , followed by a week in Cincinnati to do a video at Popular Woodworking. I return home on June 8th. Shortly after that I will know if the other guy will be taking them - he has a friend coming over who will see about shipping them for him - it may prove too much to ship.
Thanks for the tip on the book, I will look out for it. Do you know who is writing it?

For the Chiffonier, I have Bob Lang's book of shop drawings for G&G, and several other books with pictures, which will be some help, but nothing like a plan, so I will learn a lot going through the building process.

When I saw you hired a couple of people to help you with your projects, I told my wife that I would work on the weekends for little to nothing, just to learn from you. So i guess it is a good thing for my marriage that I live in PA,
Ted (Edward) Bosley is writing the book - Ted is the director of the GH. He was still working on it last week and hopes to send be done later this summer.
Thanks, Darrell. Just let me know. I'm local, so picking up should be no problem if the first person backs out.
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