J-B Weld - Plastic Bonder Structural Adhesive 15 min (Rating: 5)

I turn pens and some of them are segmented which usually means they are made of dispiriting materials that don't like to stick to each other, like this layered laminate and wood or aluminum.

I forgot that a couple of years ago I did a little experiment to see which did the best job, CA, wood glue, jb weld, and 5 min epoxy. Found it in a drawer and gave them a try just out of curiosity. One swipe with the scraper and they all came right off except the JB Weld. I can't even get it off with a hammer and 3/4" chisel! It's really more "bonded" than glued.

Draw your own conclusions. YMMV

No, I'm tired and not going to reorient the picture. That is all.

Handwriting Wood Rectangle Computer keyboard Font