Forrest - Woodworker II 40 tooth #1 Grind (Rating: 5)

I picked this up this week and got to use it on a project today. I needed to cut dado's that were just under 1/4" (the smallest my dado stack will cut) in MDF. I made some test cuts first, and the bottoms were as dead flat as I had hoped.
Brown Rectangle Composite material Tints and shades Fixture

Here is a photo of a double pass to create a 7/32" dado in both sides of a piece of scrap MDF. The kerf was exactly 1/8" for a single pass. I was very pleased with the quality of the cut. This will be my go-to blade for cutting splines as well. The cost was on par with other Forrest blades ($119) at my local Woodcraft. I own several Forrest blades, and this another quality product from them.