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Forrest chopmaster

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I want to buy a new blade for my 12" sliding compound miter saw. I've read lots of great reviews about the Forrest chopmaster 12" 80T blade but was wondering if it's really worth spending the extra money on, or can I get a comparable blade for less.
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I use the 10" version in my slider and have the complete line of Forrest blades so I am somewhat biased with regards to Forrest blades. You can get blades that are less expensive but, at least for me, the Forrest products are well worth the additional cost.
Can't go wrong with the 12" chopmaster, I've had one for quite some time now.
Forrest is worth every penny i have been using them for years and have never had a blade i liked more it literally turned my old table saw in to a totally different machine. now that i have a 5HP behemoth they just tear trough wood like a monster, and most times i have a glue ready joint right of the saw. buy one and you will be turned to the dark side I'm certain of it of it.

use the forest Luke! lol i couldn't help my self
It is the blade I use on my 12" slider and you cannot go wrong with it.

God Bless
Forrest makes some great blades but there are others that are in the same league. The Infinity 012-190 is a fairly comparable design, is definitely comparable quality, and is on sale for ~ $90. Some of the better Freud blades are likely to satisfy too. The Ridge Carbide blades are also very comparable to Forrest…it's @ $117 shipped from Holbren with "SMC10" discount code.
I have to agree with the Forrest users. I have the 12" Chopmaster on my Delta compound miter, a 10" WW2 on my tablesaw (plus a spare I got for a Christmas gift, still new in the box!), A 4.1/2" on my cordless circular saw, and a 6" dado king. One thing for sure, once you try a Forrest, nothing else compares. Also, when it dulls, and you send it back to Forrest for sharpening, it comes back razor sharp! I cut myself peeling the hot melt protectant off of the teeth when I got mine back from Forrest. I was bleeding profusely!! That's a sign of a good sharpening!!
I have none of the above but Scott is on top of saw blades. saws and a lot more so I would take his suggestion seriously in addition to the other knowledgeable folks.
I use Forrest blades on all of my saws. The blades that I have, that aren't Forrest blades, have been sharpened by Forrest and are better than they were when I bought them.
I just put a 12" ChopMaster in my Makita slider. It cuts nicely.

I sent my original Makita blade to Forest for sharpening.

Is it common practice to use the CM for everyday cutting, or to save it for special cutting and use a 60T for daily work? Is there a downside for using an 80T everyday?
This type of blade goes dull quickly because of the rake angle on the teeth. I would use a proper crosscut or combination blade. The risk of climb cutting, IMO, is greatly overblown.
One side note about Forrest…

Through my own screwing up, I got a 10" Chopmaster STUCK in 8/4 maple. It warped the blade as the arbor spun in the stuck fast blade…

I fessed up on how the blade got warped, sent it to Forrest with a contrite note asking for a phone call if repair costs exceeded $40. They never bothered to call me, but the blade returned in about a week. It returned better than ever, with a note suggesting I support my offcut better… No charge!
I have been pleased with the performance of the WW2 on my table saw, in fact, thrilled. So when I upgraded my 12" Bosch SCMS to a Chopmaster 80T I had great expectations. It is a good blade, but honestly I didn't notice much if any improvement over the stock blade that came with the saw. So, nothing negative to say about the blade per se, but the value of the upgrade is in question for me. I guess that is more of a positive statement toward Bosch than a negative on Forrest.
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