Popular Woodworking - Forging A Custom Hinge with Peter Ross (Rating: 5)

Mr. Ross' style is perfect for me, calm, peaceful, he even makes hammering metal feel and sound good on video. He aptly demonstrates how to make a forged iron (might have been steel) hinge out of sheet metal, using basic hand tools, a heat forge and anvil, all of which I have already.

My goals for buying this video were to learn the process and apply the concept to making hammered copper hinges for a project in the Charles Rohlfs style, which always had exceptionally made hammered- copper hardware. Even though Mr. Ross' video uses steel sheet metal, I saw just what I needed to adapt the work into copper sheet metal.

Mr. Ross doesn't tell any jokes or funny stories, but I enjoyed watching his hands work and he stops to describe exactly in a few words what I needed to hear without a lot of distracting chatter and stumbling and repeating, which often happens in amateur videos.

I feel this is a video and project that Mr. Ross did well on, and I would recommend this video.

Mark A. DeCou