Foredom - TH 1/3 hp flex shaft w/ right angle grinder. (Rating: 5)

I love this tool. I use it quit a bit for a variety of odd jobs but mostly for sanding and some filing. Right out of the box I was impressed, the motor feels substantial in my hand, beefy even. Everything was well packaged and no damage evident. I also purchased the right angle grinder kit at the same time. I have some sanding drums for it too. I do not have a hanger for this but I would highly recommend getting the hanger although it's not an absolute. I set on my bench top sometimes because it is just easier and it will roll a little at start up from the torque. I have used this mainly to teach myself gun stock carving , hence the right angle grinder. I do not have one complaint about this tool. I plan on adding other accessories in time and I will update this review then. This is a 5 star tool in my opinion. Unfortunately 3 gun stocks have gone via the garbage can but the tool never made a hiccup while running it.