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For the techies out there...

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Here is your next project…

This is a working system. Can anyone explain how the laser cutting on the keyboard is done - is there any DIY stuff for this like with the CNC machines?
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very neat wood computor
I would bet its a vaneered regular keyboard - out of its case and pushed through the cutouts in the desk - then probably braced into the desk top. A very nice and immaginative work …
That is Soo COOL!

Love it.

The close-up on the blog gives away how they did it.

Never mind that you need a Laser Engraver/Cutter to do it. If you want to venture into this type of work and have $20K to blow away then this is the site to visit.

This guys make the type of equipment that will do what is required to replicate that desk.

By the way it is very simple, with a computer you make the image you want to engrave:

Modulating the power of the laser achieves engraving by evaporating the wood material the depth of the engraving is adjustable up to cutting the sheet.

First step, engrave the letters corresponding to each key on the keyboard
The material where you do this needs to be only thick enough so that when you cut the keys you can sandwich the electronic guts of a real keyboard underneath it. So the top of the table is made of 2 layers.
You will need to glue the wood keys that were cut in the second step to the silicone membrane of the keyboard, that makes up the top of the keyboard guts (you will discard all the original keys and the 2 plastic shells.

To make the monitor the process is pretty much the same.

An insteresting issue that arises out of carving with laser on wood is the fact that the surrounding wood (not the one that was vaporized) tends to smoke a lot or a little depending on the wood species.
They had to come up with a solution for that problem because the smoke had resins that interfered with the laser optical system rendering it inoperable after a few minutes of operation.
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