Skil - 3310-01 Skil 10 inch Table Saw (Rating: 5)

I bought this saw several years ago as my first table saw. I shopped around for what I could afford and decided that this was the one I wanted. In no way to I regret that decision. Coming into the hobby from the ground up I wanted a saw that had all its parts. I would have been pretty clueless about any Craigslist buy as to features, missing pieces, etc. Aside from the metal stand, there was no assembly necessary to get this saw up and running. Everything was aligned properly and has served me well.


-It cuts wood
-Adjustable riving knife
-Plastic guard that can even be used with beveled cuts
-Removable anti kickback pawls
-Push stick included
-Removable safety key
-On-board storage for fence, guard, pawls


-Finicky fence (best to measure and tap to get it parallel to the blade.)
-No zero clearance insert available (can be worked around)
-Small table (It's a small saw, but would be that much better if blade were more towards the back)
-Chintzy miter gauge (better to use jigs for accurate cuts)
-Miter gauge loose in miter slot.
-Aluminum table disallows use of magnetic jigs, holders, etc.

(but then it's not advertised as a cabinet saw)

All in all though I think this is a good saw for the money. I wasn't happy with the look of the two other candidates in the price range when I looked at them in the store. For me this has been a good learning saw. When it gives up the ghost I'll buy something a little better. I need to keep my tools portable.