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For the guy who has cut his board 2or3 times and its still to short.

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Here's a way to get one or maybe two more cuts out of that board. Using a scarf joint. What is a scarf joint, you say. Just make a jig with a 20 degree angle on it. Lay it on your board in the middle, using your circular saw make a long cut on the angle you just drew using a straight edge.. Next using your router, make a clean cut on both long cuts to joint both angle cuts. For every One inch in length you gain in length, you sacrifice 7/16 in width.
Look in the project section for a full page ariticle with pictures. Thats the only way I know how to through in a picture. jockmike
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Interesting, thanks for the tip on how much width you loose. I'd seen this technique elsewhere and wondered how effective it was and how you'd go about estimating the trade-off between width and length.
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