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For Sale: HVLP Spray System by Rockler

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I'm selling my HVLP Spray System by Rockler since it's only collecting dust. I only used it a few times and still in the original box. I don't spray a lot coz I like wipe on poly. $50. This is on sale now at Rockler for $89.99. I live in Norwalk, CA. so if you can pick it up you'll save shipping. PM me if your interested. I can send you some photos. Thanks.
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How did you find it to use? Was it a real pain to clean afterwards?
IMO all of HVLP are PITA to clean, not because I'm lazy but mostly because i dont have the time. That's why I like wipe on, nothing to clean, just throw away the pad or foam brush or rug, and you're done. Yes, HVLP leave a much desirable finish than wiping but like I told you I don't have time for cleaning machine like that. Maybe when I retired then I will have a lot of time for everything. Thanks for the question.
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