Whiteside - 2306 Chamfer Bit with 45-Degree 1-1/16-Inch Cutting Length (Rating: 5)

I'm building a piece where I need case miters on long boards. My table saw is not up to the task (long story) and my efforts with a circular saw weren't working the way I wanted. I decided to try this big ole 45 degree bit. I marveled when I first tried Whiteside bits-how much better they performed.

I decided to try the Whiteside 2306, made to cut chamfers on 3/4" boards.

I was a bit nervous with this one because of how big a cut it takes. It is wonderful. The last inch of the cut I veared away from the line a bit and then came back and went over it again to minimize any tearout. I doubt I'll need it often, but it's great to use when necessary.