Dansko - Professional Antique Brown Oiled Stapled Clog (Rating: 5)

My shop space has a concrete floor. I'm ok with the concrete, it is easy to clean and easy to roll my tools around. But it is KILLER on my feet and back. I have flat feet, you know the kind that when you walk barefoot they make a sucking sound when you pick your feet up. The kind that when people see your foot prints in the sand they think the web footed monster from the black lagoon must have strolled by. And because of my feet after any full day in the shop my feet just ache, which leads to my back aching, which leads to me being just generally grumpy.

But not anymore, well mostly not anymore. A few years ago my sweety suggested I try a pair of Dansko clogs. What? I mean come on, clogs!! What am I, some kind of fancy pants yuppie dresser? And they're not cheap, like $110 to $120 for a pair. I mean that's not outrageous for a pair of shoes, particularly leather shoes, but come on, clogs. What would my guy friends say?

Well I'll tell you what, I don't care what my guy friends would say. These clogs make a HUGE difference. They have good arch support, they have a wide toe box, they just feel good. The sole is some kind of rubber so they get good traction on concrete, they have leather uppers so they wear well and you can polish them and keep them looking good. They can be resoled, I've had mine done a couple times. And well, they just work. I feel 10 times better after a day of standing wearing these than I have wearing any other kind of shoe or boot.

I guess these are pretty popular with doctors and medical professionals, people who are on their feet all day on hard tile floors. I can see why, they work. It's worth the $120 bucks if you stand for a living and have sore feet and a sore back.

Keep in mind these are clogs so they fit loose and take some getting used to. They might be the kind of shoe you want to try on in a store before you buy to make sure they fit you.