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Foley Belsaw -- Deal or No Deal: UPDATED

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This listing ( is for a Foley Belsaw SharpAll. Looks like it's in pretty rough shape. Is this worth saving as a sharpener? I could use a good sharpener, but I probably know as much as the original poster knows about the Foley Belsaw.
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Looks like a great deal considering all of the additional stuff included. Those machines are incredibly useful for all sorts of sharpening tasks from planer blades to carbide tipped circular saw blades. If it was in my neck of the woods, I would have already bought it, cleaned it, painted it and put it into use :)


PS: Some cool vintage info about the sharp-all can be found here
Grab it up man! I've been trying to get my brother to give me his if this was in my neighborhood you wouldn't have a chance, I'd have it.
Hmmmm, no response from Don. So I'm thinkin' he's on his way to the seller's house to scarf this baby up! :)
Could be.
I spoke with the owner this morning. He said it still runs, but he did not know the model number. I am on my way to pick it up. Thanks for the feedback.

@MrUnix-Thanks for the link about the Foley Belsaw. I was reading the information this morning.
I ran a sharpening shop for 10+ years and used a lot of Foley-Belsaw equipment but the sharpall, in my estimation, makes a good boat anchor. They will tell you that you can sharpen everything on it but one really needs a dedicated machine, designed for the application, rather than something that isn't really good at much of any one thing. Some would swear by the sharpall to sharpen steel saw blades but I found ways that did the job as well, perhaps better, that was easier. The sharpall will not do carbide saw blades at all-not enough precision. I'd save my money for some dedicated equipment. My 2 cents worth.
@gdpifer- Thanks for the $0.02, but unfortunately for me, I had already hit the road to pick it up when your message came through. I ended up giving the owner the $50 he was asking, judging that it was a fair price.

The machine does run, and very smoothly. I am in the process of cleaning off the surface rust, after which I'll disassemble the iron parts and give them an Evaporust bath. I am including a few pictures that show condition as well as an inventory of what I got for my 50 bucks. There was even an original owner's manual included.

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Wow.. you made out like a bandit!

I think I did okay-a near gloat. It will take me a while to learn what I really have here. Cleanup is going well so far. I plan on starting the Evaporust baths tomorrow. I'll post more progress pictures as I make more progress.
I did a partial disassembly yesterday and this morning and am giving the parts an Evaporust bath. I have to make sure they wash behind their ears! I'll add more pictures after the bath is finished.
Sorry about the delay in posting the promised progress photos.

Here are before and after photos of the cleaned up and reassembled Sharp-All. I did not paint the stand, but I will probably paint it flat black just to keep off the rust. I used it this morning to practice sharpening a 9" carbide-tipped saw blade. The machine performed well, but the operator's techniques certainly need more practice. Lot and lots of practice needed.


Table Wood Chair Sewing machine Floor


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