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I have never been in love with choping mortises and hand cutting tenons, but after seeing the new price($929.00 + shipping) of the basic package of the original FMT jig, I think I just became a lot more comfortable with it. I was going to treat myself to the unit, (though the Domino users have made a good arguement for going with that system), but I always like the engineering and material behind the Liegh products. I also have a D3 jig upgraded to D4 with router resting bar….nice set up. I think Leigh is going to have trouble with selling the new Super FMT in the face of the exisiting older product. I am sure its well made but it looks like something their competitors would come up with to undercut them. If I remember correctly, they had a special this Summer for just over $700 you got the original FMT and full accessories…."he who hesitates" as they say. I understand Leigh Industries needs to make their margin, so I am not holding this against them. I think I just have an appetite for a Mercedes and told I need to drive the Kia.

Plan B ? A Lie Nielsen low angle rabbet block plane and a new set of mortise chisels will help me cope.

Thanks for listening
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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