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This question popped into my mind earlier today, so thought I'd survey those who would probably know the answer.

I am mentally designing a router table and one of my thoughts was raised or flat panel sides. Then I thought - how do you attach a panel to the rest of the structure. Do you rabbet the sides and glue the front/back to the side panels as you would with plywood cabinet sides? Or do you create a framework and somehow attach the panels to this? Probably some will say biscuits but I'm not set up to do them.

Making the panels presents no problems - I've done several - but they have always been doors that attach with hinges. I've seen several cabinets with panel sides but guess I never gave a thought to what type of joinery was used to connect the pieces.

I'm sure there is probably a real simple answer to this question but right now I'm drawing a complete blank.

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