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Flashing phone for a loud shop

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I remember a long time ago there was a question about hearing the phone in the shop due to noise
and using something that will flash instead.

There were a lot of suggestions, but I have found a purpose built device.

It's called Shop Flash and Grizzly sells it.

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I've been through a couple of these I hook a light fixture with a 150watt bulb in it and it lights up the whole shop when the phone rings.
Hey Gary
That sure seems like a bargain. Thanks for sharing.
I have a foolproof system:

If I can't hear the phone ringing, I don't answer it.
Radio Shack used to sell a similar device. Not sure if they still handle it. The one from Radio Shack was very sensitive to lightening strikes but fortunately it was fused well and could be fixed.
I'll bet it won't work on a cell phone…...............LOL
Wow? People still have land lines that this can connect to? Been years without such a beast at my house. But I do love what CharlieM says!! Absolutely foolproof huh. :)
I am with Charlie. How do you post pics to forums by the way Gary?
LOL, maybe I am the only one without a cell phone?

Actually, I have been wondering what I can do to receive calls. Thanks for the post. Now if only my calls were about woodworking…..
What's a cell phone?
And I'm with Charlie. I go to the shop to get away from the phone and recharge my mental batteries.
I have a cell phone, but it's always off unless I want to make a call. I don't even remember my number.

I have a pay as you go plan and spend $100 a year for my service.
I sure don't know what I'd do without a cell phone. At times I wish I did not have it but have to have it to communicate with installers on jobsites and cabinetbuilders that are in the field. My wife, who is disabled, can also contact me when she needs assistance.
wouldn't it be nice to have a shop that's a NO PHONE ZONE?
Gary, it has only been in the last couple of years I gave in and started leaving my phone on. For years, I did like you and left it off until I wanted to make a call.
I use a phone flasher from Radio Shack, hooked up to a red light, like on a cop car-also from Radio Shack.
We also have an incredibly loud buzzer my dad bought in the early 1960's. Still works, but you can't find any that good any more. It's priceless to see someone's reaction while standing under it when it rings.
good idea…now i need a phone out there…or not…i like charlie's mentality…
Trouble with cell phones today is they do just about eveything, that your PC can do, so mine is never turned OFF It has become so cheap now, that we do not have a land-line anymore. For International calls, I just connect my cell phone to my wireless network and use SKYPE and that is next to free about 0.02€/minute to Australia or the USA.

But I still cannot hear the phone ringing/playing music when the big machines are on - hey ho - what the hell, if its important they will call back.
I don't have a phone or a radio or a tv in the shop because of the distraction that I might have when running a piece of power equipment. I have been known to be totally engrossed in what I am doing and an interuption would be like sticking my finger in a light socket and I don't think the table saw would be that forgiving…
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How about this a wood shop with out a PHONE or a CLOCK all it take's is 1 sec to lose a body part.
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