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Fix a Cherry Finish

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I built new cherry doors and drawer fronts for my bathroom and finished them with BLO, left them in the sunroom for 2 months and they aren't dark enough. Need some advice on how to get them darker without losing the grain. I haven't put anything on them except the BLO, Thanks!


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I might have either cut off or dyed the sap, but it's too late for that…

Have any scrap left? You could experiment with spraying on some tinted clear coats. You'll need to spray them, as it's super difficult to get them even with a brush, rag or pad.

By the time you're done experimenting, your panels may have reached a darker color. You could also try Tanning or Gro-Lamps at night, giving them 24 hr. sunlight.
Try some Watco Danish Oil, Cherry color, on scrape to see if that will suit you. You can use multipal coats to obtain a deeper color.
Just my thoughts and, I am certain, others will diagree!

The blo has sealed the surface so dyes cannot not penetrate and stains will only dry on the surface leaving a muddy appearance lacking depth. Hence, you can darken (and lose tranparency/natural beauty) using colarants or accept this is the new look. Your choice .
The BLO might be hindering the wood from darkening quick enough to suit you. Try rubbing down the doors with turpentine or mineral spirits with steel wool and then expose them to the sunlight,,this could be done several times. If that doesn't work you could try the Mineral spirits again and mix in a little cherry stain to the spirits,,,a little amount at a time. Try it on the backs first. Good Luck.!

I don't know. Without staining them, I'm not sure how much darker you are going to be able to get them. You might have to remove the BLO if possible and stain or dye.
The cherry will continue to age over the years even under the BLO. I added a pic to this project to show the aged color after 4 years, and the table lives in a hallway that does not really get direct sunlight
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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