WARNING - B&D slight of hand ?? (Rating: 5)

Had to stop a Lowes yesterday and wandered into the tool dept. to see whats new. And for once there is something !!! Found a 6" planer painted delta gray with delta blue knobs and the peell and stick delta label marked down for close out. Noticed that it was apparently the only one in stock, but on the shelf below they were a stacked some new porter-cable 6" planer with nice color labels on the boxes. They were porter cable gray with black knobs and peel and stick porter cable labels. Both had the same red attachments ( blade guard etc.) ie same product. just a name and paint change BUT The PC is priced $40.00 higher that the delta was before it was closed out priced. A little further along I found another delta ( i don't remember just what) but same deal close out price and a stack of PC. These weren't priced but were stacked there with these lovely color label. When I looked at some other B&D items I found a Dewalt contractor saw complete with stand and the same saw, model # and all for sale as a bench top for exactly the same price. As near as I can see this plain consumer fraud, and the policy of B&D is to do any thing possible to DEFRAUD the tool buying public I expect that the next thing will be a P&C unisaw for $1000.00 higher. I am certain that they have a entire staff of corporate lawyers who can explain why it legal for the to rape the public. Since you can't up load without pictures heres one that has nothing what so ever to do without the subject