Kirschen (Two Cherries) - Bevel edge chisels (Rating: 5)

I picked up a couple of these to start off a set of these bevel edge chisels from Two Cherries. I got the 6mm and 16mm to start with and used them on an inlay project I did last fall. The edges didn't seem to last too long and sharpened them up on my scary sharp table. To my surprise the edges have lasted much longer than the new factory edges, don't know why. The guy at Rockler where I got these said they were very good when I was making comparisons between these and the Irwin blue handle chisels. Not really sure what the differences are, or why these are so much better, but I will say that I like them very much. I did have to flatten the backs and it took a while to really get the 16mm flat. The 6mm is so narrow that it didn't take much. On my sharpening table, I'm starting at 100 grit and going up to 4000. This returns the shiny finish that I liked, I just don't understand why they can't just flatten the damn things at the factory and save the customer a lot of work.

I need to get the 4, 3, and 2mm next as I'm planning another inlay project and it would be nice to have a chisel that small. I like these really well and will continue to collect the sizes that I need. I also picked up the Kirschen cabinet scraper. I never used a cabinet scraper before, so I went with the same manufacturer as the chisels. I also got the burnishing tool too. The scraper took a burr quickly and easily using the tool, and is still sharp. I'm not looking forward to grinding the edge flat to do the burr again. I'm not sure I can get it as straight as it's supposed to be. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

- Wayne