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I bought a ash wood slab to be a nice table for our downstairs area. It has a few knot holes, one crevice, and one crack.

I've looked into the West System epoxy, and will dye it black and fill in the knot holes and the crevice with it. For the tiny knot holes, should I try to fill them with the epoxy? Like they are the size of a #2 pencil lead? For the crack, I have read to fill in a little of it first, then do the rest to prevent leaks. I have seen painters tap, plastic, to waxed glass. What works best? Should I plane down the board some more before I put in the epoxy, or does it not matter with a hand plane? Sorry for the numerous questions, every where I have read has done it different but never talks about how it turned out and it makes me nervous.

Lastly, I want to put a butterfly spline/joint? in the crack to keep it from moving. This is my first time dealing with ash, so I don't know what would complement it well? I mess around with maple, walnut and some purpleheart, so I'm looking to branch out a little more. Thanks in advance everyone.
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