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First Sanding Jig

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Hi All,
Still being new at woodworking I always thought people who built sanding jigs really should get a job or a second hobby :)> But now I realize they simply enjoy doing things the right way.
Anyway, I needed to sand down some very small inlay pieces to be flush with a box front. I couldn't sand them after gluing them in because I made the grooves with my slot cutting bit so the depth decreased at each end.
The pieces were about 1/8" wide and almost ¼" thick. I made the same depth groove in scrap wood big enough to hold all three pieces snugly. Then I clamped my sander upside down and sanded them perfectly flush with the jig piece. Then they popped right into the inlay grooves and my fingers were saved some wear and tear.
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sound good ,
but how about some pics of your jig ?
OK - maybe I will try that this weekend. But really it's just a hand held flat piece with the exact size groove cut into it. SInce inlay depth does not vary too much I think it would be cool to make a jig that could be adjusted to hold different size pieces secuely.
Photos will help
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