X-ACTO - pencil sharpener (Rating: 5)

Yeah, I know, it's a pencil sharpener. But it's a really good one like I remember from elementary school.

I don't have much luck with little plastic hand-held pencil sharpeners, and the Boston brand desktop sharpener in my office doesn't give me a good, sharp point. So I bought a new sharpener for my shop. I bought it at an office supply store, I think it was Office Depot. I had a choice of a couple generic and in-store brand sharpeners, plus this X-ACTO. The X-ACTO was a few dollars more, but given my past experience with non-sharpening sharpeners, I was happy to pay for a name brand associated with sharp things. I'm glad I did. This sharpener is solid, easy to mount, and gives me a super-fine point. And another good thing, unlike those sharpeners I remember from school, this one doesn't eat pencils.