Grizzly - G0513P 17" 2 HP Bandsaw, Polar Bear Series (Rating: 4)

The whole Experience. Including my lack of it. I had been struggling with my first band saw an old Craig's list 1/2 hp 14" Delta on resawing and log sawing for the last 4 years. Since it only cost me $50 how can I complain. But about week ago the switch broke and some of the magic smoke got out of the motor so I decided to move a little further up town and ordered a Grizzly G0513P 17" 2 HP Bandsaw, Polar Bear Series .

Four days from phone ordering to the UPS truck pulling up. Seems pretty quick to me. It does weigh on the north side of 300 lbs in its crate and that's a tall 300 lbs. I'm glad I had my 6'2" 185# son there to help me move it into the shop or it would probably still be out in the rain.

The only assembly required was mounting the table. Assembling the fence and attaching a couple of the control handles. All very straight forward and easy to do by myself. The 1/2 " blade that came with it cuts soft wood up to about 2" pretty well and it's OK for ply wood and to get you checked out on the saws operation.

the same day the saw arrived the new blades from suffolk machine got there too. so I put on the 1" wide, 3 TPI Timberwolf. Removing the 1/2" blade was easy. Getting the 1" blade on was a good deal tougher. No much flex in that blade there for getting in, around and between the lower guide bearings and the lower blade guards. I had to remove the blade guards and pull the bearings as far apart and as far back as they would go to manage. I am not happy with how I tensioned the blade. I followed the manual to the letter and I still get blade flutter with the indicator cranked up to 8. I don't know what I am doing wrong. It's tracking straight.

Adjusting the bearings after tension and tracking were set was easy. I slipped a dollar bill around the blade and pinched the disc bearings in. Then I tested the setting once with a feeler gauge and it seemed right.

Here is an issue you might want to pay attention to. The thumb screws for securing the disc bearing settings have a pretty small finger grip. Just using my fingers I can't tighten them enough to keep them tight in operation. When I am sawing the bearings start sliding in and out unless I use pliers to tighten them. I will probably replace them with allen head screws.

The steel trunnions also seem a little less substantial than I would like. They will probably be OK, but they don't inspire confidence. I don't think there is an option to get cast iron trunnions on this model. so you might want to look at the other 17" Grizz models that do.

It cuts good. At least 10 times better than my 1/2 HP saw. After I re-set the fence for the new blade it sliced off a 1/8" x 10" x 48" sheet of black walnut no problems. I went on to rip out six 1" x 10" x 48" boards from the same log. They won't require much jointing. and they will book match nicely for some 18" raised panels that are in the works.
It was a little slower at ripping down some old growth V grain Doug Fir I have been waiting to mill. And it was while cutting the fir I discovered the side bearings wandering. The blade wandered in the wood about an eighth of an inch over a 60" run.

The dust collection ports are well placed. The inside of the machine doesn't build up much dust.

The view ports and controls are easy to use and well placed.

The blade guards are way safer than my old machine.

Except for the trunnions I don't have any buyer's remorse. I'm glad I bought it.