Grizzly - G0555LANV 14" Deluxe Bandsaw - Anniversary Edition (Rating: 4)

After nursing along my Dads old Craftsman 12" band saw, I was really looking forward to getting my new saw. After much research and pricing I had settled on the G0555LANV 14" for a number of reasons. It had a 1 HP motor where several others in the price range were 3/4HP. It had a cast iron frame and table instead of cast aluminum and stamped steel. The wheels were cast iron instead of cast aluminum and it had two speeds.
But one of it's biggest selling features to me was the fence system that came with it. Being able to accurately cut on it instead of having to unlimber the table saw was a big plus. Another was the riser kit. At some point I will purchase the kit which will allow me to resaw up to 12" thick.

It arrived a few days ago and my son and I eagerly began unpacking and assembling. Instructions were adequate and clear and assembly went quickly. Until we were ready to assemble the fence to the table. At that point we discovered that the table hadn't been drilled and tapped to allowing mounting of the very fence system is was designed to use!! But once again Grizzly's outstanding customer service department stepped up to the plate and we will have a drilled and tapped table delivered by the end of the week.

It was for this reason only that it received 4 instead of 5 stars.

Everything else works as advertised. I'm impressed with the ease of use, and the full ball bearing blade guide system keeps the blade rock solid. The overall fit and finish of the parts is top quality. The blade tension release works flawlessly and makes changing out blades almost effortless.

I would recommend this saw to anyone. I'll post a reply once we have the new table and I've had a chance to use the new fence system.