Lee Valley - Cast Scratch Stock - Reeder Beading Tool 15P17.10 (Rating: 4)

I've only used it for an evening but unless something strips or breaks, I'm very satisfied with it.

My only previous experience was with Garrett Hack's block shaped scratch stock found at Fine Woodworking. My problem with it was that an instant of inattention mean't that the fence could lose registration, jump, and tear up the bead. It happened enough that I was planning to build a more traditional style version. When this scratch stock came up, I figured what the hell.

It's working very well so far. The bottom and fence are slightly bellied, so the geometry of the cut can be futzed with without it jumping out of the cut. It's small but has a pleasant heft. For smaller, light profiles, I think it'll do the job nicely.

The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that it would have been nice if the cap screw could have somehow had a retainer washer (because you need to completely unscrew it to change cutters and I KNOW I'm going to drop and lose it). The cutters seem a maybe bit thin but I suppose they'll be less work to profile. I plan on on making some heat treated cutters (for maximum durability) and will probably use thicker stock. I'll update when I've tried that.

...but yeah, for the price point, it's a good Canadian made, well designed tool.