Grizzly - G0513X2 17" Bandsaw 2HP w/Cast Iron Trunnion (Rating: 1)

Hello All,

I am new to Lumber jocks as a member but I have been lurking around here reading reviews and opinions for a long time. I am in the process of building a new woodworking shop and have gotten a lot of great ideas on shop design, tool selection, and many other tips and tricks. It is really great!

I am in the process of purchasing new equipment for my new shop and decided the first purchase to be a Grizzly G0513X2 bandsaw. I made this purchase just yesterday. After reading about the awful customer service of some brands on Lumber Jocks I chose Grizzly over the other brands hoping that my customer service issues would be better if I needed CS.

Unfortunately for me the horror story with Grizzly started 5 minutes after my purchase. I loaded my new G0513X2 band saw into the cart and applied my discount code. The total with shipping and tax was $1,408.16 which I considered to be a reasonable price from the current list price they show now of $1,370.00. I entered my info and CC and pushed "PLACE ORDER" this is when the scam begins. I have uploaded a screen capture of my cart so you can see what I saw before I placed the order. I generally do this for big purchases in case of dispute. I am glad I did it this time.

I was charged $1,632.93 NOT $1,408.16 that I agreed to pay! I was sent a confirmation email within 5 minutes which had a link "click here for problems with order". I followed the instructions on the link which was an email to [email protected], I explained the problem, and forwarded the copy of my purchase screen. Once the email was complete, I called CS and talked to a woman named Diane. I explained the problem to her and told her I sent the email with the screen capture of my purchase. She was kind on this call, almost too kind. She poured on the sweet talk nice and thick thanking me for buying something from Grizzly, assuring me that overcharge would be taken care of that day. She assured me the email I sent attaches to my order so they can take care of it. I was relieved and at this point thinking that there was truth in the better CS from Grizzly only to realize later this kind woman named Diane was feeding me nothing but BS.

The next morning (today) I receive an email that the bandsaw had shipped! In one way this is really great service but considering that I have an issue with the order that I called Grizzly on, Grizzly had no right shipping anything order that there was a problem with. Apparently, Ms. Diane did nothing to address the problem with the order and made sure the bandsaw was shipped FAST! As you will see why in the next paragraphs.

I called Grizzly again and spoke to "Diane" Today she isn't as syrupy sweet as yesterday and claims she never received the email describing the overcharge. In fact, she tells me on the phone that she doesn't understand what the problem is!??! What? I explain it all to her again and she recommends that I forward the order issue email again to her and call back in the afternoon. You all can see where this is leading right.

You guessed it. I called back in the afternoon and who did I talk to? Diane! This time she was downright mean. I asked her to issue a refund for the overcharge. She can't do that. I have to talk to a manager. Please give me to a manager. She can't do that. Why not? They are all working. Well, this is their job to work with customers that call in right? NO! It takes two days for a manager to talk to you! Well, the bandsaw has been shipped why was it shipped when you know there was a problem with the order? "We like to ship things fast". But I don't agree and never agreed to pay the amount you charged for this band saw. Well, that is a problem isn't it? She says… Diane goes on to say if you don't take the machine, we will charge you return shipping and restocking fees! You got to be kidding me!!??

So the scam apparently is to lure you into a purchase with a good price and then charge you more money. AND to make it difficult for you they ship the unit really fast, in this case less than 12 hours, so that they are guaranteeing that they will take some money from you!

This in my view is outrageous and no different than stealing. I am fine with mistakes by people or mistakes by computer websites but I expect these to be corrected immediately in a kind honest manner. Certainly give me the opportunity to take the product or decline it at a different price than what I agreed. I don't think ANYONE who uses a credit card agrees to be charged whatever the company feels like just because they have your number.

So, anyone looking to buy Grizzly, beware. Their CS is no better than others I have read here and in my opinion much worse and dishonest. I have read here that many companies have bad CS after the sale because of poorly built machines but Grizzly seems to want to take your money and give you nothing for it BEFROE you even get a machine! At least with the other companies you will have a machine for the money no matter how poorly the parts are, With Grizzly you have nothing for the additional money, they just take it because they feel they can!

I miss my old 1980 delta contractor saw. These new companies are really not so good it seems.

I hope this helps others make a decision on what tools they buy. This is my first and last purchase from Grizzly, I will never buy from them again due to their dishonest and deceptive practices.

I know I have received a lot of good advice here so I thought I would share.