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First ever dados with my new Freud dado set!

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I know they are just tools but man am I ever buzzed about how well this new dado set (DS) works. I've never made dadoes before, had never even seen a dadoe set up close and personal before and as I am in the process of making a vanity for our bathroom I thought I would try to up the skill level and use dadoes…so I bought the Freud dado set from HD. I am using a entry level contractor Craftsman TS and the DS with sufficient shims just fits on the arbor if the ply was 1/32 thicker I would not be able to stack enough shims and blades before I would not be able to get the arbor nut on tightly.

What a sweet way to cut grooves in wood, nice tight dadoes set to the correct depth…I cranked out the six sides I need in no time. I am using maple plywood and have got a really snug fit. All the teaching you folks have been doing sure is paying off for me. Thanks for all the great videos, blogs and one on one conversations! They have been really useful for me and I have actually put some of what I learned into practice. My confidence level is through the roof right now because of what I've learned here and because of how well the dadoes were cut. Thank you one and all! Thanks Martin for creating a great vehicle for skill/knowledge/project sharing!

I've got to breath into a paper bag or something LOL!

I'll post pictures and a review when I'm back from Saskatchewan…
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Look forward to more
Which Freud set did you get Mark?
Looks like he got the same set I bought at the HD a Freud 8" stacked dado set around 90 bucks.
Works quite nicely.
i too have a freud set, but lost the reference page that shows the set-up formula, ie, how to manage the width of each dado cut. any chance that you can post the page online for downloading by guys like myself? i think that you'll notice good clean bottoms on the dadoes. make a jig that fits over the saw's fence that allows cutting rabbets with precison.

while i use the web a lot, i am more book-oriented for advice on using woodworking tools, and recommend, r j decristoforo's the table saw book which has several pages on dadoing.

mark, where in saskatchewan are you? i grew up in saskatchewan.

The Freud web page has all the info necessary to use the Stacked Dado.

many thanks, jerryz.

i thought of looking online, but haven't had to use the set lately.

i know that i haven't discarded the formula sheet, just stored it someplace, but can't remember where
There is a formula? I just used my micrometer to measure the thickness of the plywood and then stacked blades and shims to match.

Thanks for the link to the formula, jerryz.

Raymond, I am heading to Regina for a couple of days. Wanted to do some camping in the area but aparently Regina-ites…Reginainians…uhh people who live in Regina do not camp close to their city, because I can't locate a campground close to Regina.

Knottscott, jerryz is correct I got the 8" set from HD at about $100, its in the shop right now and I can't remember the model number (and I just got up and it is 6 degrees out there…too chilly to walk across without my first cup of coffee :) I will post that later today.
the price of the dado set must have gone up. i bought mine about 4 years ago at a lowes' for about $78.

i know a campground at wynyard-60 - 80 miles north up highway 6 from regina, but watch out for ticks.
Sounds like it's the SD208 or DD208 (same model basically, different retailers)....that was my first good set. They've also got an 8" SD508 for ~ $150-$180, and an 8" SD608 for over $200, both with twice the number of teeth as the 208, the 608 has the dial-a-width feature.
It is indeed the SD208 from Home Depot at 99 dollars Canadian.

Thanks for the tip about wynyard, at 60 miles its a bit too far from on the wrong side of Regina, we're meeting my brother and his wife and they are returning from a trip to Idaho so they will be coming from the south side.
Glad you are happy with your set. I had to have a set made for my saw because the arbor is 1 1/8". It also had to be a 10" because a 8" set would only cut just through the surface of the board.

One of the problems with having the motor shaft to be the blade arbor, you can't get the arbor close to the table top.
Most places will not be under $94.97 on the SD208. Some offer freight free shipping via UPS ground.
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