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First attempt at a hutch

First attempt at a hutch

I started this thread with questions in the forum section but I'll finish in here since I am posting the progress.
I thought I started this blog already but couldn't find it so I'm starting this one.
I bought the New Yankee workshop plans for #111 hutch. Having never built a piece of furniture I thought it was going to be hard. So far it's is coming along fairly easily. I go back to the video when I have questions and they are usually answered in there.
Tonight I assembled the frame. I quickly realized that this building units this large is not fun in a one car garage. I bought the house with the existing bench in there and only made changes to the height. This piece of furniture is helping me understand exactly what I do and do not need in this garage. After it's done I will work on organizing the garage for my needs.
Here's a photo of the work so far.

I used screws to pull it together. In the video Norm use nailes and a hammer from the inside. When I tried to use a nail gun on a test piece I was not able to get the gun into the tight corners . Since the piece will be painted I used screws to hold it together till the glue dires. I don't have clamps long enough for this.
I may start an endless array of arguments, however biscuits are more for alignment than they are for strength. I use them when I cannot use my drum sander. I typically put them about a foot apart, or 3-5 per seam if I am using them.

I use a rabbet joint most often in drawer making. I even have the 24" omni jig from porter cable. It is just tedius and time consuming to setup. So I usually save it for the nicer projects. I have had good luck with the rabbet joints, so a box joint should hold up even better than rabbets if done correctly.
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